Yellow Ostrich Sasquatch! & Space Needle poster by Molly Leonard


photos by Candace Johnson

Yesterday was our first adventure into the historic world of First Thursdays in Pioneer Square.  It rained, it poured, it sunned, the wind blew, there was pollen everywhere makinging everyone sneeze and all within a few hours. The theme was learning and opportunity.  When the weather did clear up, there was still a startling few in numbers and we were all discussing and hypothesizing why that was and what could be done to restore this event to its previous grandeur. It was part brand-new and part nostalgia.  (pause for a sigh)

Our booth was fun. Scroll down for some more details of the work your artist neighbors are creating. It was a laid back living room style variety show. Visually (and with the help of two Northwest painters hanging the artwork) we got a cool little set-up going.  My favorite part was when all the artists came by at the same time (pretty much) to hang and we got to thinking about what to do next month. Music, new displays, signage and interactive installations are in the works.  Molly’s going to be on deck in July showing folks how to screen print from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.  Bring your kids!  If you would like to contribute art or an idea or your time for any of the these 1st Thursdays, let me know.  I’m getting a welcome mat and a futon and something tasty maybe some slippers…

drawings by OCnotes, posters by Molly Leonard, photographs by Dawndra Budd

Drawings by OCnotes

posters by Molly Leonard

drawings by Amy Huber

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