by Mahroo Keshavarz

To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we put together the most incredible night at Teatro Zennani and premiering the brilliant poetic films  Revelation by Wonder Russell .  Revelation shows life transitions through revelations and epiphanies through the eyes of six actresses.  Lisa Coronado: The Virgin, Jillian Boshart: The Believer, Jessica Martin: The Path Of Power, Lisa Levan: The Mother, Kay Lavergne Jaz: A Resurrection, and Bridget O’Neill: The Dreamer.  Each actress has her own identity in the film that represents power, loss, love, battle of self, and any other emotion you pick up while watching the film, and there will be many.  This piece is a very unique film that represents itself as powerful and enlightening and we are extremely proud and excited to be a part of  the premiere and growing success. 

Armitage Shanks, photo by Becka Brebner

Prior to the film, there was a cast of characters involving countless talents that were nothing but mesmerizing.  Hosted by Armitage Shanks as the Master of Ceremonies, we were introduced to an incredible and flexible aerialist  James Torchia, spoken word from four of the six Revelation actresses accompanied by violinist Hayley Watt,  dancer/choreographer Gabrielle Schutz, live painter Joseph Fortunato, burlesque artist Mafia Minx, and musician OCnotes, who gave a very honest performance with his guitar, dedicating his set to his daughter and giving a shout out to Moor Gang. 

Visual Art gallery, photo by Becka Brebner

In the gallery, six visual artists (Erika Rier, Siolo Thompson, Ann Carstensen, Dawndra Budd, Joe Fortunato & Carlo Scanagatta) created a piece of original work based on each of Revelation’s six films. 

It was an extremely memorable night full of art and laughs and revelations!  Thanks to everyone that was a part of it and cheers to many more brilliant parties in the future!!!  Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!  (And thanks again!!)

Jillian Boshart, photo by Becka Brebner

James Torchia, photo by Becka Brebner 

OCnotes, photo by Becka Brebner

Gabrielle Schutz, photo by Becka Brebner

More photos available from A Night of Revelation on our facebook page.

Special thanks to photographers Becka Brebner & Shannon McClatchey

violinist Hayley Watt, photo by Becka Brebner

live art by Joe Fortunato, phot by Becka Brebner