Bettie Brown Market

Catherine Harris-White (THEESatisfaction) and her transgalactic company Space Theory are popping-up the Bettie Brown Market next Saturday at Chop Suey.  This thoughtfully curated market will have music by DJ Chocolate Chuck and a melange of venders offering fine art, bath & body care, vintage apparel, and handmade accessories and jewelry from the likes of  Ms. Bettie Brown herself, Black Weirdo, Black Constellation, SUN SUN, Hollow Earth Radio, Sub Pop Records, Moksha, TBYC, Honey Brown Skin and more.

Cat, what is Bettie Brown?

Bettie Brown is my alter persona as well as my hand-picked and crafted style line. It includes knitted goods, jewelry and clothes for the time being. It’s all based on a short story I wrote which will come out in the next few months.

What was your inspiration for putting this together?

I love markets and shopping, but I don’t like the typical set up like malls and such. I just can’t find everything I want and wind up having the same pieces that are readily available to everyone. I remember being young girl going to flea markets with my mom and scooping up all the quirky finds. So I thought what if there was an ever changing pop-up market that I could grab cool unique products and support small businesses? That’s when I created the Bettie Brown Market.  There are so many brands in your face on a regular basis that it becomes hard to distinguish sincerity from popularity. I just look for talented, kind-hearted people with drive to vend alongside some well-known businesses with good intentions to create a space for true connection.

Why do you love knitting?!  

Knitting is super peaceful and healing to me! It’s a meditative process which I have been building on for the last 18 years.

What is your favorite thing to craft or knit?

I love knitting hats as of late but am moving towards slippers. Comfort is key!

How many fanny packs do you own?  

Ha! I got like 10. Steady adding on though.

Which ones are your favorites and why?

My current favorite is white with speakers so I can share my jams with the universe.

Any fun moments to share about experiences had either shopping in a place like this or vending in a place like this?

People always seem to have fun. Venders bring special pieces and folks can sense that. I try to bring out things folks didn’t know we had like THEESatisfaction tote bags from the first album or Black Weirdo buttons. The environment is very welcoming so I feel everyone walks away with something.

I was watching Brief Encounter the other day and the main character goes on the train every Thursday to do her shopping for the week and ok, it’s set in England during the 1940s, but it’s an experience where people greet one another everywhere, do their shopping, go to the pictures, go to lunch and take time to have tea before the train home.  I now have an app on my phone to purchase and have delivered anything I could ever need. It’s convenient, cold and boring.  Neighborhood Farmer’s Markets and pop-ups like Bettie Brown Market aren’t becoming more and more popular for the quality or rarity difference alone.  More and more of us crave the connection and authenticity we can’t experience through a screen not just this chronically nostalgic treasure hunter. – Anna Mroczkowski

Bettie Brown Market  

Saturday 11/15/2014 2pm-7pm

Chop Suey

1325 E Madison Street

Seattle, WA 98122

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