Bobbi Rich, photo by Fiona Pepe

Bobbi Rich, photo by Fiona Pepe

by Anna Mroczkowski

Ever heard the phrase, “figure out what you love doing, and then do that for the rest of your life?”

Then there’s the (in theory) more responsible (and funnier) cousin phrase of “figure out what you love doing and do that  for the rest of your life on nights and weekends.”

And the guy on the tv box last night, when talking about the audacity of a certain individual’s lofty ambition, he responded with, “It’s only hubris if I fail.”

What am I talking about and why do you care?  I’m talking about DREAMS!  I’m talking about the people who are out here right now being  dreamers and doers but also eaters and bill payers and also causally touching on the irritating societal status quo that our dreams are only valid once attained.

“Welcome to Hollywood!  What’s your dream!?”

Today’s story is about one of these dreamers and doers. One of her dreams and how you can support it.

Bobbi Rich 2

Bobbi Rich is an intelligent brunette hailing from all over.  The eldest sister.  The gal pal buddy that also happens to be a raging knockout.  The friend you call if you just got your heart stomped on.  The  friend you call when you need babes for your music video. The friend you call when you want to know what’s good tonight.  The friend you call when you’re looking for a rubber chicken, a shrunken head, a woven mat made of grass, crystals and a cup of sugar but only have the time to go to one place.  The colony of turquoise jewelry on her hands Hangin Tuff! look like Southwest brass knuckles.  She sits dripping in leather fringe, radiating warmth and softens the most when talking about her collective of talented females, the Easy Bake Coven.   There is a slight smokiness to her voice that is a lovely contrast to her wacky arm flailing storytelling.  If we’re playing the fun game of who would your identifiable parents be?  Her family tree would have branches in Pee-wee Herman, Pauly Shore, Ava Gardner and she just kind of looks like a hotter Kate Jackson circa Charlie’s Angels but not square.  Now let me enthusiastically caution you not to get it twisted!  She knows, like anyone who actually throws parties, (not just attends them) like anyone who produces and creates (instead of just consumes) that it takes huge follow through, tenacity, creative problem solving and chutzpah to be any good at it.  And Bobbi is very good at what she does.  

La Luz on the set of Hangin Tuff!

La Luz on the set of Hangin Tuff!

Her latest and greatest mission is a music variety show called Hangin Tuff!

Set aboard a hot tub boat floating around Lake Union, Bobbi and her friends set out to make up-and-coming musicians accessible and the process of discovering these bands fresh, funny and creatively entertaining.

Remember when MTV actually played music and interviewed bands? Remember when you could switch on your TV and instantly be apart of dance party? Dancing in your living room with the styling cats onSoul Train or those freaks on The Grind? Remember GOOD MUSIC? Remember watching shows like Muppet’s Tonight and seeing Alice Cooper being silly with a bunch of puppets? Remember Grace Jones showing up in a box on Peewee’s Playhouse? Or what about when Kurt Cobain wore a giant banana gown to MTVHeadbangers Ball? Man those days were fun. WELL BE EXCITED, for we are here to bring it all back in our own unique way. We’re Hangin Tuff with the best up and coming new artists… in a hot tub boat…” – Bobbi Rich

On Thursday Feb 6th, Hangin Tuff! will premiere the first season at Central Cinema with live performances from Half-Breed and Don’t Talk To The Cops! 

Hangin Tuff!

We are encouraged to dream but less attention is paid to how we get to our dreams than identifying what our dreams are, at least in my opinion.  It’s implied that all you have to do is know what you want and the rest will take care of itself.  But “the rest taking care of itself” really means, if you want it bad enough you will find a way to figure it out. Perseverance may well be the only thing all fulfilled dreams have in common.

We’re just out here.  All of us.  We’re balancing (and I use the term balance in the loosest sense of the word) our basic needs with our dreams, our aspirations with our responsibilities.  It’s exhausting.  Life, not just artist life either. That’s why they say that phrase.  If you’re going to be tired anyway, be tired doing something you love and never quit.  That’s what I love about Bobbi.  She’s not afraid to be different and not afraid to see her ideas through.

In junior high school,  at a dance that some High School kids were also going to be at  (to up the intensity), there was going to be a dance contest.  A young Bobbi Rich, determined to win first prize, went digging through her costumes.  She had quite a few.  Her parents ran a liquor/convenience store that was across the street from a thrift shop.  On Wednesdays you could fill a trash bag with anything in the store for a dollar.   And fill them she did.  She would come home with bags and bags, and built up quite the collection of random treasures and hide them around her house much to her Dad’s irritation.

The spandex disco outfit she put together was nothing less than spectacular, but it was super tight.  Being elbow deep in the grunge and punk phase now, Bobbi, usually one of the guys clad in baggy Dickies and huge flannels, spent the better part of the dance in the girl’s bathroom working up the nerve just to take her coat off.  She eventually got up the nerve and when the contest started she gave it her all. Gave it so much her all that at the end of the song the entire gymnasium was absolutely silent.  Cricket-chirping pin-dropping silence.   Bobbi was handed the Spice Girls cassette awarded to first place and quickly exited with her coveted major award as a champion.

She’s still that same girl, only now, she wants you to join her party.

For advance tickets to the premiere go here.

And you can help support her indiegogo campaign for Hangin Tuff! by going here.

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