Open call for male extras between the ages of 18-35 for a music video shoot this Saturday night.  The detail below is my version of internet craft hour starring their website, facebook page and a great interview by Trent Moorman.

Here is your opportunity to be a part of an amazing upcoming music video:

Seattle-based band Iska Dhaaf (Benjamin Verdoes and Nathan Quiroga) will be shooting a new music video for an upcoming single the night of Saturday August 31st.

They are looking for men aged 18-35 to play 1970s American soldiers in Vietnam. A more detailed description of the shoot can be found here.

Nate Quiroga describing the song “Everybody Knows” in an excerpt from Soundcheck by Trent Moorman.  I highly recommend reading the article in full here.

It’s a soldier’s last night before he gets shipped off to war, so he’s taking advantage of everything he possibly can. The chorus is, Everybody knows you gotta get it in before you go. He hears a voice in his head. Or he hears it in the air. It’s telling him to speak up and describe what he’s seeing. It’s going to be this shining light that’s going to obliterate everything, or open up everything. In one part, we took directly from Revelation, where the world is splitting, and spitting itself up like a drunkard, and is about to fall from the sky. We took from T. S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men”—The world won’t go out with a bang-bang, but with a sigh. “

The basic premise behind shoot is a 1970s Vietnam War USO Christmas show. These shows for 50 years were MC’d by Bob Hope and often featured the “it” models of the day – Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Ann Marget, etc. We are going to reinact a slightly more surreal one of these events for the music video. To mimic the look of an army show, a lot of vintage/period military outfits need to be obtained. I have created this page to provide a style guide for the look we are trying to achieve

If you are interested in participating please join this facebook group or send a quick email to with your name and contact info.

Catered food and camping on premise at the location.

Thanks and hopefully see you at the shoot!

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