Iska daaf

Iska Dhaaf (taken from Somali, roughly translated to “let it go”) released a couple brilliantly beautiful songs last week that melt into this summer’s memory making rituals in such a lovely lovely way.  These two gentleman (Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes) are true musical artisans with a kind of subtle mastery that is humbly unabashed with insightful honesty and masterfully skilled performances.    “Two Ones”  in particular feels like discovering a piece of art that sees your hidden inside parts or at least my hidden inside parts, synching my pulse and fusing specific memories to it forever.  Truly, cannot wait to hear more from these guys.  

Iska Dhaaf plays the Capitol Hill Block Party Friday July 26th at the Cha Cha.  I saw these two play at Cairo last September and it was like watching two rare aquatic creatures with four arms each, playing multiple instruments simultaneously at the bottom of the sea for a bunch of friends and everyone has big fat smiles on their faces.  -Anna

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