This Saturday Bulgasari Seattle kicks off in Georgetown and there are only two rules:

1. Be respectful

2. Limit your performance or film to 15 minutes

Bulgasari is a new experimental multi-disciplinary open-mic created by Mark Kleinhaus, a recent transplant via Seoul, South Korea where Bulgasari originated (and has since added Taiwan to the global Bulgasari network). 

Not your average open-mic, this event makes deliberate and conscious efforts at contributing to a sustainable independent art community.  They welcome all disciplines including film, there is a door fee to cover good space and equipment rentals, and before-hand there is free pizza and lemonade for networking.

Bulgasari - South Korea 1

Anna: What is Bulgasari?

Mark: It’s basically an opportunity for artists of all ages and backgrounds to debut their creative work; visual artists, poets, dancers, musicians.  It was a great place to meet other musicians, collaborate, and no matter how weird it got, everyone was always very respectful and supportive. I’d love to create a community like that here.

Anna:  This is not a free event, but it does seek to build community. Can you go into that a little bit?

Mark:  It costs money to rent the slab in Georgetown and with the recent press about Seattle Drum School facing possible building reclassification expenses I thought it would be a nice gesture to rent it out there at first.

I also charged for the event because I’d like to see the community get in the habit of paying again; I feel that monetary exchange is important and really at the core the charge is about how we value art and I’m experimenting with ways that we can recapture that. With piracy, albums sales and record stores imploding I think art appreciation has really declined and an interesting consequence is I believe even artists value their work less, maybe expecting they won’t even be paid much for it? So possibly we’re seeing a feedback loop with art quality; where the result of “free” art is declining quality. Even the $5 event price is kind of ludicrous I believe personally; I mean those are show prices we’ve had for at least a couple decades. So, this $10 door price is just one way I’m reintroducing the value conversation.

Bulgasari - Seoul, South Korea

Bulgasari – Seoul, South Korea

Anna: Where did Bulgasari start?

Mark: I started Bulgasari in Seoul, South Korea at the art studio Yogiga. Great event, very weird stuff, some very bad stuff, but a great vibe, good place to meet others and hang out. Dance, visual, spoken word, noise music, etc.

Anna:  Why did you decide to try it here?

Mark: After seeking places to debut my own work, I tried some open mics and was fairly, disappointed in the options that I experienced for that kind of thing…there was some spoken word mics like at rebar, and some other musical open mics like the mixx in Georgetown but most focused on classic rock covers, funk and jazz standards. I decided to find a way to host the event here in seattle; the multiple-medium type event that was like Bulgasari in Korea. All original and creative work.

Anna: Will it stay in Georgetown?

Mark: Really, the event is completely mobile and I could do it in Columbia City possibly or other art studios.

Bulgasari - South Korea 3

What performers can expect:

A sign up sheet at the door.  If you have equipment, they urge performers to arrive at 6 to set-up for smoother transitions (and pizza and lemonade). 

Provided: projector, full PA, lighting, drum set, amps, sound tech

Performers will need to bring: their own instruments (other than drums), cables

Where: Seattle Drum School, 7pm  all ages $10

More ways to connect to Bulgasari:  website  facebook  meetup

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