Curator: Janine Beaman

Art Talks! is our summer workshop and mentorship program for Seattle area teen artists. We pair teen artists with professional artist mentors, give them a theme, discuss it as a group and set them free to collaborate with their mentors and create a piece of art that is showcased at the end of the session.

We covered a gamut of topics from violence to economics, education, ecology and coming of age in a digital world. Participants were asked to read about and explore these topics in a group discussion. We looked at existing examples of art and culture that explore urban issues and then the artists and their mentors were set free to create.

Between the workshop and the showcase, the youth developed edited and finalized their projects in coordination with their mentor. Culminating in a live performance on Hollow earth Radio’s Central Sounds program as well as open house display of all the visual work. It was a wonderful community experience. The teens were incredibly impressive with their visions and talents. It was a remarkable event! Below are photos from the first Art Talks! workshop and performance last summer.

2012 Theme:

Thinking about the cultural landscape shifts taking place in Seattle, come up with a concept for a piece of art that will express your vision for this city in 2022

“It doesn’t have to be pretty, It just has to be real.” – Janine Beaman, Art Talks!

2012 Mentors:

Alex Crick, Vanessa Small, Rik Rude, OC notes, Marshall Verdoes, Benjamin Verdoes, Suzi Pratt, Lisa Coronado, Scott C. Brown

2012 Teen Artists:

Lucy Corbit, Jordan Williams, Maddy Queary, Terri Tran, Meron Kashahun, Dylan Thomas, Upendo Moore

Special thanks to Eric Stone and his team for putting the wonderful video together

and providing these great still shots below

editor: Eric Stone, camera: Aria Elf, Eric Stone & Justin Wilmer, score: Noel Brass, Jr.

Interested in participating in our next session as a teen artist or mentor? Tell us!

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