Anna Mroczkowski & Lisa Coronado, photo by Dawndra Budd

Lisa and Anna have been friends since the early 90s when Anna’s parents ripped her from civilization and moved from West Seattle to Bonney Lake.  Traumatized by the move, she found sanctuary from teen angst in the arts where she grew to know and love Lisa Coronado.  Lisa was very much the same bright positive, loving light then as she is now (and she can fit into the same outfits the twit).

Never a fan of the spotlight, Anna gravitated toward costume design after high school and Lisa continued on her creative and talented calling with acting.  Lisa married Anna’s childhood best friend and now their daughters are growing up together.  These are two friends who genuinely care about doing good things, being good people and raising their families with love.  Life is pretty amazing.

If Lisa is the heart of AFA’s mission, Anna is the brain.  Lisa is the inspiration, and Anna is the driving force. These two women work great together and are in their own way (and with the help of all of you) doing great things in the art community.  If you have a great idea for a collaboration, contribution, donation or something else that ends in “tion” send us an email!  We love meeting new artists and building bridges between our little micro-communities.

Lisa Coronado and Anna Mroczkowski, photo by Dawndra Budd

 Lisa Coronado, photo by Dawndra Budd

Lisa Coronado is an actress, writer and producer.  She grew up in Washington and developed a love for theater at a young age.  After several years performing on stage, she transitioned into film.  She has played a wide range of roles over the last few years, most recently in the feature films Ghostlight and Different Drummers and short films Box Walk, All My Presidents and Revelation.  She also wrote, produced and acted in the pilot The Divine Marigolds as well as performed in the web series The Collectibles, playing the Evil Hand. In her off-time she enjoys hanging with her family, playing scrabble, fantasy football and relaxing with a plate of nachos and a good Irish whiskey.

Anna Mroczkowski, photo by Dawndra Budd

Anna Mroczkowski is a nerd with many many creative passions.  Painting, sewing, knitting, writing, singing, overusing parentheses, cooking (to name a few) but probably one of her biggest passions is being able to turn the creative ideas of her friends and colleagues (and her own)  into things that actually happen.  Helping her friends and discovering ways to use her bossy know-it-all disease for good instead of evil makes her really happy.

Special thank you to Dawndra Budd for these photos!

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