By Shazreh Malik

Cloey (Cora Benesh) is going through a quarter-life crisis.  Except, it’s more like a teenage crisis. She’s living off her father’s (Daniel Baldwin) financial support.  She couldn’t care less for the new mom.  Her boyfriend (Andrew Harris) is an ‘older’ aspiring rockstar.  And she’s made plans of lifelong togetherness with her ‘BFF’ (Jillian Leigh).

Well, life can always turn around.  Your boyfriend breaks up with you.  Your father wants you to stand on your own two feet.  Your best friend plans to move across the country.  Oh, and you’re long past your teenage years.  All of a sudden, you realize you have no job, home, or much of a support system.  Oops. Party’s over, Cloey.

David F. Morgan’s City Baby is an independent feature film covering the lives of a bunch of immature and impulsive grown-ups as they struggle to grow up.  The film’s writers’ (David F. Morgan & Cora Benesh) have taken inspiration from their own experiences of Portland’s youth culture.  The characters’ lives are lined with petty issues, mundanities, uncertainties, and non-stop partying – until they start to face the dilemmas of a responsible life.  They are, at some point, forced to choose between their fantasies and the reality.  Cloey’s aforementioned ‘misfortunes’ help give her a new lease on life.  And it’s a series of random events that lead her there.

While the story and cast make it worth the watch, it’s the film’s vibrant local music (Glass Candy, STARF*CKR, The Chromatics, The Helio Sequence) coupled with great cinematography that really highlights the viewing experience.  The filmmakers will be attending the screening of City Baby at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) on May 6 at The Grand Illusion Cinema.  The film is also scheduled to show in Portland later in May, and Los Angeles in June.

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  1. I keep hearing over and over what a terrific one-of-a-kind film this is. I guess I will finally have to watch it – to see for myself – but where? Where do I see this film?

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