STIFF 2013

By Mahroo Keshavarz

It was a dark and rainy night in Seattle when STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival) had their 2013 Red Carpet Party, which was sponsored by Atlas Clothing.  Yes, the same Atlas Clothing that was previously located in Capital Hill and is now in Fremont (3506 Fremont Ave N), which is a much bigger space of thrift clothes, not to mention an incredible back room that is perfect for events, such as this.  The location was something that I was not expecting because my initial thought was “How could there be a red carpet event in a clothing store?”  That was until I found the new spot, walked up the stairs, through the store (which was still open as part of the event) and walked through the back, where there was an even bigger room, bar the left when you came in (and we all know that can be very useful), a stage at the center, and stairs that lead you up to the second level.  The party was equipped with catered food, a dj playing the best dance music, and it even included live body painting. 

There were many incredibly creative people attending this event, dressed to the nines in celebration of all the movies that have been accepted into the film festival.  They just updated the list of films and times on their website and the festival runs May 3-11!!!!



STIFF 2013 red carpet






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