The Seattle True Independent Film Festival’s last chance to submit deadline is January 1st!!  Since 2005, this festival has been giving local independent films a great platform for exposure with an emphasis on Washington:   

  • it is free for all Washington filmmakers to submit and you get an access badge to the festival just for submitting regardless of if your film is chosen.
  • this is one of the few festivals that accepts shorts over 25 minutes
  • they are not afraid of your content or vision, I dare you to try to shock them
  • you can submit to STIFF and SIFF (if you want to)
  • you can see all the STIFF events from May 3rd- May 11th for just $50 bucks if you aren’t submitting

There is plenty of time to hustle out a submission.  I know how much you indie filmmakers can do in 24 hours let alone a few days with a holiday in between you crazy adrenaline junkies you! Check their facebook event page for more info as well.

If you have any questions about the process, please email the program director Will Chase

You aren’t a filmmaker or don’t have anything to submit this year but want to get involved? There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and sponsor this great community festival.


The movers and shakers of STIFF

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