lemolo-100 photo by Puja Parakh

Lemolo: Kendra Cox & Meagan Grandall, photo by Puja Parakh

by Anna Mroczkowski

photos by Puja Parakh

Lemolo is the beautiful musical creation of Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox.  I’ve never heard an actual siren’s song before but I imagine it would sound a lot like Meagan’s voice.  A voice with the kind of magic that’s seductive while still leaving you thinking that it’s still your choice to love it so much. Their self-released debut album Kaleidoscope has received massive rave reviews and adoration from the Seattle music scene.   They have played many (if not all) of  the great Seattle festivals like City Arts, Bumbershoot, Doe Bay, Dave Matthews Caravan and on December 7th Lemolo will open alongside the wonderful Choklat and for the also amazing Allen Stone at the Paramount.  I love seeing a great local line up like this for a venue like the Paramount. (more)

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