Last month OCnotes had a launch party at Vermillion for the anticipated album: Pre Future Post Modern Love Songs aka Alien Booty Bass.   I can’t really say anything about this album that hasn’t already been said better here.  It’s wonderful and the show was so jam packed with love it was something pretty special to see.

At the time, going to that show was the only way the public could purchase the album.  A pay-what-you-can download of his Live in-studio on KEXP’s Street Sounds program came out the first week of November but it wasn’t until sometime last week that it launched online at Amazon and iTunes. Now you can also see all the album artwork (there is a comic book, drawings and paintings for each song) on his website. It’s an album and it’s an artshow. We like that.  Last I checked, there were a limited number of posters (with a digital download included) available of the surreal cover art (as seen above by OFS’ Radjaw) on OC’s site too.   We invite you to take a listen and take a look.

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