by Carollani Sandberg

I want to see this film so bad! NEVER, a sensitive film by Outlaw Productions (SEX LIES AND VIDEOTAPE, TRAINING DAY) is about a young friendship between Denim (Zachary Booth) and Nikki (Zelda Williams), as they navigate through the confusion that their own closeness creates.


I asked Brett Allen Smith, the film’s writer/director, what brought him up to Seattle to shoot his film:
Seattle was definitely a major influence on Never. I’d visited the city for the first time in 2010 and was completely blown away by my few days there. The town felt really young, the kind of place where you could rediscover yourself. Which is the basis for Zach Booth’s character, Denim, at the start of the film.

(from left) Zelda Williams, Zachary Booth & Brett Allen Smith

What was your experience working with the Seattle film community?
This project literally couldn’t have been made without the amazing film community we discovered in Seattle. The majority of our collaborators – including many actors, crew, volunteers, musicians and artists – were enthusiastic locals who believed in the film. We were floored by how enthusiastically Seattle embraced us.

NEVER is currently submitting to film festivals as they wrap up their Kickstarter  for finishing funds, so if this sounds like a film you can get behind, go help them out! I did.

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  1. Good day madams and sirs. I’ve seen this film, and even the unfinished version drew me in and took me places no film has yet had the courage to go. I had never seen what this film had to offer and I left pondering its conclusions for days. I gave to this film because I believe other people would like to have that experience. If you’re looking for something fresh (like lemon spritz on a spring day) and interesting (like the enigma of stonehenge), you should help this film out.

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