photo by Becka Brebner

Curious about the dashing live painter at A Night of Revelation?  You aren’t alone.  A few folks have reached out about Joe Fortunato and his artwork since our show last Wednesday.  Joe was positioned just to the left of our main stage and painted for the duration.  He added a texture to the experience that was visually intriguing and a great compliment to the diverse energy on stage. 

Morning Among the Baobabs by Joe Fortunato

The finished painting, Morning Among the Baobabs came out beautiful! A print is available for purchase on Joe’s Etsy here.  It’s a great memento of our special night and a great way for you to support our wonderful local art community.

A view from the gallery at A Night of Revelation, photo by Becka Brebner

Joe also created a piece of original artwork inspired by one of the films of Revelation film project titled Aphelion that was displayed in the gallery at our show.  A print of Aphelion is also available on Joe’s Etsy as well.  We are all still so grateful for the dazzling artist wonderland that was this night.  On behalf of AFA and Revelation film we want to thank Joe for being a part of it.  We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

Joe Fortunato

Joe Fortunato grew up in the Pacific Northwest, the child of recalcitrant New Jersey transplants.  Since 1999 Joe had worked predominantly with with wood and metal, designing and building furniture.  In 2010 Joe discovered painting.  He began working with oils in 2011 when he became (and remains) enamored of this medium.  His current work focuses on movement, exploring both physical movement and the objects and moments that move us. 

Joe served in the Marine Corps and holds degrees from Washington State and Gonzaga Universities.  He has a passion for motorcycles and all things mechanical.  He is an active practitioner of cheekiness and tomfoolery.  Joe currently resides in Seattle.

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  1. Garnet says:

    wow… didnt know Joe had gotten that good. he is a talented artist

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