by Mahroo Keshavarz

The LastNightsMixtape deejays consist of duo Brian Tang (B.Tang) and Toby Crittenden (Toast).  Each one of these incredibly talented deejays offer a mixture of reggae and Latin vibe each with a style distinct to their own personality.  B.Tang offers a solid reggae mix with a splash of his own blends and Toast offers Latin style salsa with a taste of his own favorites.  There is no doubt that your body moves to every song that they play with smile on every ones faces. 

That being said, it is important that you check out their Soundsystem night which is the third Thursday every month at Moe Bar in Capitol Hill.  For this September’s edition, not only did both of these men spin their hearts out as usual, they also debuted Dejay Panamami, from Los Angeles who offered an incredible mixture of top 40, 80/90’s mixed with reggae, reggaeton, and salsa. 

DJ Panamami

You want to talk about shaking your body all night till the bouncer had to kick everyone out?  You want to talk about your mind being refreshed with this combination of music?  Now that is a night. These three dejays, including Gnotes, who was playing percussion along with Panamami, was something else.


Don’t worry if  you missed it because there are talks of nights like this happening again in the future.  Here’s hoping for nights of bodies moving and shaking all night long and letting the music do all of work.  Be sure to check out their website for the next Soundsystem in October and it will be just as good!

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