back row: Alex Crick, Vanessa Small, Janine Beaman, Lucy Corbit, Rik Rude, Jordan Williams, Otis Calvin, Marshall Verdoes
middle row: Maddy Queary, Terri Tran, Suzi Pratt, Meron Kashahun, Dylan Thomas, Lisa Coronado, Anna Mroczkowski
front row: Scott Brown, Upendo Moore

Art Talks!  is officially underway.  I’m excited!  My excitement is saturated with excitement.  This is an amazing group of talented teens.  There are musicians, photographers a filmmaker and a poet all of whom are fantastic young artists!

The challenge

Thinking about the cultural landscape shifts taking place in Seattle, come up with a concept for a piece of art that will express your vision for this city in 2022.

These teens have 2 weeks to develop a performance piece with their mentor.  Art Talks! leader Janine Beaman says “It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be real”.  The teens and their mentors will debut their art at a live showcase hosted by Hollow Earth Radio (21st & Union) Wednesday August 8th at 8:00pm.  It’s all ages and free and we hope to see all of you out to support these guys!  The show will be live with the Central Sounds guys so you know it will be a good time (and if you don’t already know, you’re in for a treat)!

The Mentors

We are blessed to count the talent of musicians Marshall Verdoes, Benjamin Verdoes, Vanessa Small & OC notes, filmmakers Lisa Coronado & Scott C. Brown, Poet Rik Rude (of Metal Chocolates and Fresh Espresso) and photographers Suzi Pratt & Alex Crick in our inaugural Art Talks! adventure.  Many of the mentors told us how blessed they felt to have such talented teens to work with and we feel blessed to have you guys on our mentor crew.  It’s blessings all around.

Check out some photos below from day one.  This isn’t everyone unfortunately, but we were limited to my camera phone and Janine’s and we really specialize more in instgram’d up pictures of food we are about to eat or our children but hey, it’s all love.

our view

First on the scene: OC notes, Marshall Verdoes, Rik Rude & Benjamin Verdoes

teen poet Lucy Corbit making us all laugh in 15 words or less

Art Talks! discussion underway

Janine Beaman leading  a great discussion

Filmmakers Scott Brown & Lisa Coronado discussing plot points of teen filmmaker Dylan Thomas’ script idea.

Teen artist Terri Tran with her photography mentor Suzi Pratt

teen artist Upendo Moore cracking us up AGAIN

teen artist Jordan Williams

While on our rounds, Janine and I also caught the tail end of teen artist Jordan Williams playing a song for mentor OC notes (while he drew a picture) that was too cute to not include.

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