It’s almost here!! Tomorrow is the big night!! Thank you for contributing to this visual display of support for youth arts in our city.  I’m so excited about this!! 

Special Delivery!

When I opened the lanterns for the first time, I wasn’t prepared for how big they are! (I know I’m getting excessive with my exclamation marks, but I’m EXCITED!!!)


I’m also super freaked that it won’t stop raining in time so please please please all collectively hope for the best as we can not light these puppies in wet weather. 

Any Lanterns Left?!

For those of you who have not yet sponsored a lantern they are still available here but time is running out!!  Lantern sales end at 8:00pm tomorrow.

A few reminders:

  • You do not need a ticket to come watch the launch. It is free and open to the public to view. Grab a blanket and a spot in the sand.
  • We will be launching from the rooftop of Christo’s Restauarant on Alki near the intersection of 57th & Alki Ave at sunset. 
  • What time?  SUNSET!  Look it up on your fancy phone if you need an exact time.
  • If it is raining we will not be launching and I will announce a rescheduled date as soon as I stop bawling. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, it’s messy and uncomfortable for everyone around me).

Special thank you to Christo’s On Alki for making it possible to host our lantern launch,  Amy Huber for designing our beautiful poster and for all my friends, family & people I’ve never met on facebook and twitter who have hung in with my relentless pushy plugging.  I’m ride or die for youth arts 😉   SEE YOU ON THE BEEEEEEEEACH!!

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