by Anna Mroczkowski     photos by Suzi Pratt

It’s one of the first sunny days of summer.  Rick Walters is doing what any resourceful producer would do and turns an interview into a ride to a wrap party.  Worst Night to Grow a Pair is the film, and a 4 car pile-up 48 hours prior that totals his car is the reason for the ride. Luckily, we have time to grab a drink first and some shrimp kisses (shrimp wrapped in bacon is called a kiss I guess, but I’m not complaining) and discuss why he keeps getting cast as a villain.  “I’m a really nice guy, I don’t get it”. *cue big grin.

I can tell it bothers him and Rick is a nice guy.  He’s shy and outgoing at the same time.  Constantly questions and analyzes his decisions.  He’s actor, writer, director and producer and we haven’t even had our shrimp yet. After we got passed me not being easily grossed out and weaponized laxatives wouldn’t kill the conversation, we went ahead and talked about nearly his whole life story.   About a half hour into it, I realize this isn’t a profile story, it’s a script.  A really good one. (more)

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