Hey Hey Creative Masterminds,

Reel Queer Youth, video production and media literacy nexus of awesomeness for queer youth and allies, is on the hunt for queer-produced creative works to be adapted to screen by this year’s pool of talented filmmakers. We’re looking for an array of creative resources to springboard inspiration and spark rad youth-made media. You have a script that you’d like to see manifested into visual reality, or a band with a hit song and no music video.

What we’re looking for:
Film Scripts (3-5 mins long with minimal dialogue)
Short stories
Music (could be used for a music video OR soundtracks)
Other adaptable art
The Fine Print:
Creative work by queer artists only please
Art with queer themes/story lines is desired but not vital
You are comfortable with your work being adapted
All due credit for your stellar work delivered in the credits of respective pieces

Camp is one week long, and there is a lot to learn and get done in that week. Your invaluable contributions serve primarily as a resource for generating ideas. There is no guarantee that they will be made into films or used. It’s all up to the youth who decide what they want to make. If all of this sounds awesome to you please share your masterpieces at:

or mail to:
Three Dollar Bill Cinema attn: Reel Queer Youth
1122 E. Pike St. #1313 Seattle, WA 98122

Deadline for entries is July 2nd! Let’s make magics.

Dacia Sáenz
Reel Queer Youth Mentor

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