This Thursday marks our debut at the historic (did you know it was the FIRST artwalk in the WHOLE country?!)  and super fun year-round community art event that is 1st Thursday.  We are excited!!

The museums and galleries in the area open their doors and Occidental Park fills up with diverse local art for the offering.  Great art that is free to the public makes us smile HUGE. 

  This week we will have a variety of local contributions ranging from paintings to photos to drawings to illustrations to silk screened posters.  I get to play art Santa Claus tomorrow night picking it up.  I totally get why that guy is so jolly. 

Some of the artists you may remember from our kickoff art show (among many many other places).  Molly Leonard is back with her awesome silk screened posters.  Amy Huber has this really interesting sketch journal experiment I can’t wait to see.  On similar lines, OC Notes doesn’t just churn out beats like no other but he also draws something everyday, put together a book and will be showing some excerpts from that collection.  Alex Crick will have some sick music photography.  Back in October, Alex was on deck snappin shots of us at our visit to Hollow Earth Radio’s Central Sounds program.  Suzi Pratt’s gonna be with us.  I need a whole separate article to encompass all her photographic deliciousness. Oh wait, I have that. 😉  Dawndra Budd will tantalize your desire for depth with her portraits.  You may remember her work from our profile on Fly Moon Royalty.   We have more new artists you haven’t met yet too!  I really love my un-job.

If you are in the neighborhood (or even if you aren’t) come down and see what these gifted artists are creating in YOUR city!  We will be there from noon until 8pm chatting up, exploring and making as many new weirdo artist  friends as possible. 

Thank you for the opportunity First Thursday!

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