Last month Alder Sherwood sat down with writer, director, actor, casting director, choreographer and acting coach Cornelia D. Moore for a great conversation about being a female filmmaker in Seattle and her latest and greatest projects.  This month, I’m excited to say that her film Camilla Dickinson based on the book Camilla by Madeleine L’Engle is making its world premiere at SIFF!  

The film is a sweet coming of age tale about a sheltered young woman whose life takes a turn when her parents’ marriage unravels and she finds her first love.

“As their relationship deepens, Camilla and Frank realize that their parents can’t help them grow up, so they must help each other.  Together they discover that the future is in their own hands.”

The cast and crew is a mix of local, national and international talent with names you have never heard of and names you will recognize immediately. This Sunday at 4:00pm you can catch Camilla Dickenson at the Uptown Theatre.  Whether you are an experienced SIFF goer or you’re completely new like me, check this film out and consider supporting a truly wonderful Northwest filmmaker.

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