by Anna Mroczkowski


Suzi Pratt  is driven.   She started out writing (and then photographing & editing) for SSG  in 2009. In about 3 years time grew her hobby of photography  into a business that includes the likes of The Stranger , Verbicide Magazine, Prefix Magazine , Pitchfork, New York Magazine  as well as travel and culinary photography (check out her fantastic  photostream). At a time when so many people let alone artists are really struggling, this talented young woman has managed to make succeeding as a working artist look easy.  Then you sit down and have a couple drinks with her on a Friday night after you’ve both worked a full day job and you realize really quickly that it’s got nothing to do with easy and everything to do with love.  She loves what she does and has a relentless passion for achieving her goals.  It’s also not easy to communicate anything in the arena of “relentless” while being one of the more easy-going and adaptable people I have ever met but she manages to do it. (read on)

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