Juror W.M. Hunt

The Photocenter Northwest does a neat thing for their annual gallery program fundraiser.  They host a contest that is open to any photographer under the sun for a modest entry fee and have reasonable prize and recognition levels.   Selected entries will be on display at the center from August through Mid-September and all photo processes are welcome. This year the juror is renowned photographer, curator, gallery owner and author W.M. Hunt.  It’s clear that he is above anything a true lover of photography and art.  He’s judged many contests before and really what he’s looking for is to have his bell rung.  Keep reading for more details and you can head over to pcnw’s website for more details.

The Skinny:

Deadline: May 18th, 7:00pm

Maximum frame size must be 32 inches on the longest side.

Cost: $40 for a minimum of 4 jpeg submissions, $7 per jpeg after that (up to 12)

They need the files on a cd and mailed. No emailing!

Theme: Open (meaning anything you want)

AWARDS: First, second, and third prize winners will take home $1000, $500, and $250 as well as a $75 Blurb Inc. Scrip Certificate for each winner. Photo Center gratefully acknowledges Blurb Inc., Glazer’s Camera, and Panda Lab respectively for their award sponsorships.

click here for more details and instructions regarding submissions.

I encourage all photographers and aspiring photographers to participate in this contest.  It’s a great exercise, exposure opportunity and it’s supporting a great organization.


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