This Sunday there is a benefit show at the Hard Rock Cafe to support The Rain City Rock Camp For Girls (formerly Girls Rock!) and the Girl’s Rock Camp Alliance with bands Spanish For 100, EXOHXO, & Pablo Honeys.  They are touting “50 Shows in 50 States” and my favorite part, actually showcasing three camper bands Nobody’s Business, Pop Rock Pandas & Sweaters. 

Rain City Rock Camp for Girls was formed in 2009 after the Portland predecessor “Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls” became such an overwhelming success. The Rain City Rock Camp for Girls along with all Girls Rock Camp Alliance members seek to empower and encourage girls to express themselves through music, and build a positive self-esteem.  “Our music education programs provide girls with an opportunity to participate in an environment that fosters leadership, encourages social change, and cultivates a supportive community of female peers and mentors.”

Sounds pretty rad to me!  Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at the door or online.  Want to get involved in the camp?  There are volunteer and internship opportunity applications available on their website. Rock on Girls, Rock on!!


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